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At Audiology Experts, we offer a variety of services to support you throughout your hearing loss journey. Our services range from providing comprehensive diagnostics to effectively identify your hearing needs to providing additional technologies to best support those needs. These services coupled with individualized care and expertise allow us to help you achieve optimal hearing health. Our services include the following:

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Medical/Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

The first step to addressing hearing loss is having your hearing thoroughly evaluated. Diagnostic hearing evaluations involve a noninvasive and painless process that measures your hearing capacities in both ears. This is done in a test booth to determine the type and degree of hearing impairment. These results determine whether a hearing loss is in need of medical treatment by an ENT (ear, nose, throat physician). Once your hearing needs are properly established, we can recommend effective treatment options that will meet those needs.

Dr. Lisa Fell with a patient looking at his hearing aids in a mirror at Audiology Experts in Arlington, TX.

Hearing Aid Fitting/Programming

Once you select the device, we ensure that it is fitted and programmed to your specific ears and hearing needs - this process is known as a hearing aid fitting. After we receive your hearing aids, we will program the device with specific settings that maximize your hearing capacity. During the hearing aid fitting/delivery appointment, the hearing aids have to be calibrated, properly fitted, and programmed to your individual hearing loss needs. During your fitting/delivery appointment, we’ll have you test your new device and make any adjustments to ensure that it is working optimally.

An patient having real ear measurement to verify their hearing aid output at Audiology Experts in Arlington, TX.

Real Ear Measurement

Real ear measurements are another diagnostic tool we use to maximize the benefits of your hearing aids. This test assesses if you, as the hearing aid wearer, are getting the exact amplification of sound at every frequency that you need to maximize your hearing. Real ear measurements involve a process where a thin probe microphone is inserted into the ear canal along with the hearing aid. This allows our audiologist to record the precise sound levels you are getting from the hearing aid - in response to recorded speech that is being played. The audiologist is then able to adjust sound levels to match the exact amplification that is needed based on hearing test results. Real ear measurements allow us to ensure that your hearing aid is delivering high sound quality to your exact needs.

Receiver in the canal hearing aid being repaired at Audiology Experts in Arlington, TX.

Hearing Aid Repair

We also provide in-house repairs of hearing aids. Though hearing aids are highly durable devices, they naturally can be impacted by daily wear and tear. These devices can be affected by moisture, earwax accumulation, and other substances. Providing in-house repairs allows us to conveniently fix your hearing aid to ensure it is working optimally. We also make sure you are not without your hearing device for long periods. Common hearing aid repairs depend on the specific type of device you have but can include: unplugging filters/waxguards, freeing microphones from debris, replacing speakers/receivers, fixing BTE hooks, replacing earmold tubing, installing new lithium-ion batteries, etc.

A male patient having an ear impression made for them.

Ear Impressions

The results from your hearing test will determine if hearing aids are the best course for treatment. Hearing aids today have experienced significant innovation so there are numerous options, styles, and features to choose from. Certain hearing aid styles include custom molds to fit your ears perfectly. This includes devices with earpieces that are worn in the ear canal. Depending on the style or type of hearing aid you choose, we can take ear impressions which are then used to custom make the device’s components. We also take impressions of ears for custom hearing protection and in-the-ear monitors. Contact our office for more information on our services.

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Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is one of the most common symptoms of hearing loss. It can be described as a ringing or buzzing-like noise in the ears when no external sound is present in the environment. Tinnitus can be experienced mildly to severely - impacting sleep, ability to concentrate, communicate, etc. We help alleviate tinnitus in a few ways including effectively treating hearing loss as well as programming hearing aids with sound therapy.

An assistive listening device available through Audiology Experts in Arlington, TX.

Assistive Listening Devices

In addition to hearing aids, there is a wide range of technologies that are designed to support hearing. These technologies are known as Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) which range from hearing loops in public spaces to alert systems that don’t rely on hearing. We provide resources and access to ALDs that can best meet your hearing needs in all of the environments you navigate.

CaptionCall captioned telephone
Captel captioned telephone

    Caption Phones

    Captioned telephone service is available at no cost for persons with hearing loss. CaptionCall and CapTel are two popular options for captioned telephone service. They provide a real-time transcription of audio while on the phone, making it much easier to follow conversations. CaptionCall and CapTel devices provide a touch screen with customizable text, easily adjustable volume settings, can save conversations, and are compatible with hearing aids.

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