Hearing Aid Overview

Hearing aids, like most electronic devices today, have experienced significant innovation. There is a wide range of styles, features, and technologies that are designed to maximize hearing and user experience. Hearing aids today are sleeker, savvier, and more varied than ever before.

With much to choose from, navigating your options can be challenging. Our experts work closely with you to identify your hearing needs and preferences to recommend devices that will easily integrate into your daily life. Knowing more about what today’s hearing aids offer can also help you make the most informed decision when choosing your device.

How Hearing Aids Work

Understanding how hearing aids work can better allow you to also learn how they differ. Though there are numerous types of hearing aids, they all have the same essential components. This includes:

The fourth component all hearing aids share is the power source which is a disposable or rechargeable battery. Hearing aids differ in the features, technologies, and styles they come in.

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Common Hearing Aid Styles

A hearing aid’s style refers to how the device is worn and where hearing aid components are placed. The hearing aid industry uses three-letter acronyms to describe a hearing aid style. Common types of hearing aids include:

Beige behind-the-ear style hearing aid.



Silver receiver in the canal style hearing aid.



Tan canal style hearing aid.



Tan invisible in the canal style hearing aid.



The style of hearing aid that works best for you will depend on a few factors including the degree of hearing loss, what your day-to-day life looks like, as well as interest in technological features.

Hearing Aid


There are numerous features that today’s hearing aids are designed with. These features support greater connectivity and sound quality, enhancing overall hearing. A few industry-leading features include:

Other features include apps that allow people to manage their hearing aid settings from their phone, tinnitus management features, and sound localization.

At Audiology Experts, we work with you to identify the device that will work best for your hearing and lifestyle needs. Today’s hearing aids offer a range of features and technologies that maximize hearing capacity and create dynamic listening experiences so that you don’t miss out on anything.

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