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Audiology Experts is an independently owned audiology practice founded on the belief that every person impacted by hearing loss should still be able to live life to the fullest. Our practice is invested in providing effective hearing solutions so that you can navigate daily life with greater ease and joy. We are committed to offering expert care for your hearing and partner with you to transform your hearing health. Our hearing care provider is a Doctor of Audiology with extensive knowledge and experience that shapes the patient-centered care central to our practice. Audiology Experts provides a range of comprehensive services and support on this journey towards enhanced health and wellness.
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Treating Hearing Loss

Did you know that an estimated 1 in 6 people has some degree of hearing loss? Over 48 million people live with impaired hearing, the third most pervasive medical condition people navigate today...

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So if you experience hearing loss, it is important to know that you are not alone. At Audiology Experts, we understand the toll untreated hearing loss can take on various facets of life. It often leaves people struggling to participate in conversations, enjoy social gatherings, and time with loved ones. This not only strains communication but also relationships, social life, and even health. Extensive research shows that untreated hearing loss increases health risks including cognitive decline and depression. Treating hearing loss alleviates these outcomes in a myriad of ways.

At Audiology Experts, we have been providing excellent care and effective hearing solutions since 2008. We know well how treating hearing loss allows people to live full and more satisfying lives. Though acknowledging changes to your hearing health can be difficult, it is the first step towards reclaiming and improving your health. Understanding and identifying signs of hearing loss can help you intervene as early as possible. Early intervention in hearing loss can significantly aid the process of treatment. Treating hearing loss not only improves hearing but also strengthens communication - a key way we navigate and make sense of daily life. This has numerous positive effects on your relationships, work performance, health, and wellness. Treatment creates a greater capacity to hear, supporting people to move through life with more ease.

Hearing Solutions

Meet Our Audiologist

Lisa B. Fell, Au.D. is the provider and owner of Audiology Experts. Dr. Fell has been providing quality hearing healthcare for nearly 25 years. She deeply understands the impact hearing loss can have in daily life and recognizes that effective treatment can transform health and wellness in profound ways. With a long history as an audiologist, Dr. Fell has witnessed how improved hearing can boost confidence, social engagement, and wellness. Her goal is to empower people on their hearing health journey by providing access to the support, treatment, and resources that maximize hearing capacity.

Dr. Fell is invested in getting to know her patients and developing open and accessible relationships. She takes the time to get to know families and loved ones who are also part of the hearing health journey. So when you become a patient at Audiology Experts, you become a part of a community. Dr. Fell also recognizes that there are many hearing options available to people today - both good and bad. She is committed to her practice as an exceptional resource that can help others navigate their options to find what is most optimal for their needs. Learn more about Dr. Fell here.

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Dr. Lisa Fell with a patient looking at his hearing aids in a mirror at Audiology Experts in Arlington, TX.

Prioritize your hearing health

Our practice is happy to provide expert care and support on your hearing health journey. The team at Audiology Experts is committed to providing individualized care and high-quality services. Our practice takes pride in being a part of achieving improved health and wellness for our patients. We have a long history of serving the hearing healthcare needs of our local community and are excited to continue to do so.

Our team encourages you to prioritize your hearing health which is integral to your overall health, quality, and longevity of life. You can do this by contacting us today to learn more and to also schedule an appointment for a hearing consultation. This will allow us to meet you and learn about your hearing health needs, concerns, and goals.

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