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Audiology Services

  • Comprehensive audiological evaluations by an experienced audiologist
  • Providers for many insurance carriers for diagnostic testing and hearing aids
  • Cerumen removal (ear wax cleaning)
  • Tinnitus evaluations and consultations
  • Access to hearing aid manufacturers with the latest in technology
  • Competitive pricing and a 30-day adjustment period for hearing aids
  • Financing options available
  • Expert Hearing Care package available for care and maintenance for keeping the devices at optimum performance
  • Hearing aid batteries, supplies, and assistive listening devices
  • Custom ear molds and hearing protection, musician's earplugs, sleep molds, and swim plugs

Hearing Evaluation: What to Expect

A hearing evaluation may be necessary for many reasons: ringing in the ears, identifying or ruling out hearing loss, or learning what new technology is available. Our practice will identify your situation and tailor the appointment to address those needs. Insurance verification is completed prior to your appointment. Spouses, adult children, and/or significant others are encouraged to attend the appointment because hearing loss has an impact on daily communication. When the test is complete, the audiologist explains the findings and makes appropriate recommendations. The audiologist includes your physician by forwarding your results and any recommendation made. Upon leaving the office, you are equipped with a better understanding of your hearing circumstances and you have a plan for protecting and managing your situation as needed. Meet the Audiologists

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What Our Patients Are Saying...

"The bicros system hearing aid has made a big change for me. I used to avoid going places or sitting in areas where people would be on my left side because I couldn't hear with that ear. Now I don't have to worry about that. The bicros aid makes it much easier to hear from my left side. It's still amazing to me how it transfers the sound to the right ear, but it does." Jim P., Arlington, Texas | Read More Testimonials

"Finally, experts who listen and hear what a patient is saying. They really do care. They are accessible whenever you need them.  Honest, straightforward and trustworthy, I wouldn't go anyplace else to hear." Judy Flynn, Arlington, Texas | Read More Testimonials

"Dr. Fell is outstanding. I've been seeing her for about 4 years. She has helped me tremendously and she is an excellent audiologist. I would recommend her to everyone." Steve Clark, Fort Worth, Texas | Read More Testimonials

"I love my new hearing aids. The first day was shocking and I felt that I probably would not keep the aids, however, I am better at inserting the aids and I am more comfortable. I have been to several social functions and it has been wonderful to hear well. I have a new  hearing life.  Ella Rew | Read More Testimonials

"Hi All - I knew that you were the best, but it was great to see you get the recognition for what you do every day (i.e., Best of the Best in Arlington).  Congratulations!" Kelsey D. (Happy and hearing client), Arlington, Texas | Read More Testimonials